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Passtouch®   A Simple, Free-Form Solution

As the name implies, Passtouch is a touch-driven authentication technology built on free-form gestures and that can be paired with a specialized Graphical User Interface Design Engine (GUIDE). A Passtouch consists of simply drawing a continuous, free-form line over the Interface.

Thanks to the fluid input method, Passtouch gestures develop naturally around feel and muscle memory in much the same way that a handwritten signature does. With repetition, muscle memory and visual UI feedback, retention is greatly enhanced.

Unlike other more restrictive, multi-step gesture authentication systems, Passtouch is simple, intuitive and engineered to work naturally with the way a user holds their touch-enabled device. This natural interaction also enhances speed, while the creative freedom to draw anything improves security.

What's Next for Passtouch?

Imagine a world with no pin numbers or passcodes, where one touch of your mobile device unlocks all of your favorite apps and websites. We envision all the best tablets and smartphones with Passtouch integrated with other biometric authentication systems for instantaneous & seamless access to any device.

Business Partners

Interested in licensing or otherwise integrating Passtouch? Please email us at dev@passtouch.com


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