Support Passtouch Web Browser for iPad


  • Your First Passtouch
    When drawing your first Passtouch, keep it short and simple. Even a quick squiggle offers a good amount of security. If you feel the need to create something more complex, try adding to what you've already drawn. To do this, click on the Settings "gear" after signing into the browser and tap on Change Passtouch. Draw the same line, but add a little something extra on the end.

Video Tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I change the password stored in one of my bookmarks?
    Currently, you will need to delete your bookmark for that website and log in again. Before doing so, make sure you have Auto-Pass Prompts turned on. Tap Save when the Auto-Pass Bookmark prompt appears.

  • How do I delete my Profile?
    After signing into your account, tap the preferences icon (the small gear icon) and tap Delete Profile. Please note, after confirming that you want to delete your Profile, all of your bookmarks and URL history will be completely and permanently deleted.

  • Is there a way to back up my Profile?
    Currently, this is not an option.


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